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For Union Fabrics Quality is the guiding force. Our foremost priority is to provide High Quality Products to all our customers. We take necessary steps, such as, Process Control Activities and Training of Employees to ensure that our goods are exclusive not just in terms of concepts and completeness, but are error free and at par with internationally acceptable measures of Quality.

We regularly meet all applicable Legal and Regulatory obligations and give our best to advance the effectiveness of our “Quality Management Systems.” In addition to this, we ensure Integration of “Quality, Environment, Health and Safety” throughout our organization. Thus, ensuring that they remain an integral part of our Management Systems.

We have a team of Quality Control professionals that oversees every production process, right from the time the raw materials are procured to the last finishing stage of the manufacturing cycle. Quality could be a dispute for most other businesses, for us, it is our strength. In addition to this, value doesn't end with products; we extend the custom of Quality with our Services as well. Our sampling department actively pursues buyer’s specifications while our dispatch department strives to ensure that our clients obtain their items on time.

We develop suppliers and contractors on mutually beneficial connections and ensure that they consistently obey our requirements. We periodically reconsider this Policy, in order to ensure that it continues to be applicable.