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Union Fabrics (Pvt.) Limited is committed to develop company’s culture that supports its Occupational Health and Safety values by encouraging behaviors and implementing processes that ensure the Health and Safety of all employees, contractors, customers and the communities associated with the operations.

Union Fabrics will meet Health and Safety objectives by implementing the following:

Our Policy is to deliver and maintain safe and healthy working situation for all workers, supplying suitable tools, equipment, operating processes and safe systems of work covering all activities.

Our top management acknowledges the responsibility to develop a strategy to minimize the risks and advises employees of the correct safe method of working on any job they are required to do.

Developing safety awareness throughout the Company and involve employees in the improvement of Occupational Health and Safety performance.

Other persons may be influenced by our activities/processes i.e. visitors, neighbors, contractors and the like, and our top management accepts the responsibility to provide befitting grades of safety for them.

We will supply appropriate facilities and/or make the essential arrangements for the welfare of all our workers at work.

Where risk to safety or health requires to be ‘assessed’ under an exact obligation or Regulations, we will double-check that our ‘assessment’ is conveyed out and that all activities shown to be essential will be implemented.

Should any of our activities/processes threaten the health of any worker, such activities/processes will be supervised and where essential, arrangements for health surveillance made.

We design to minimize the dangers conceived by work activities/processes, goods, and services, coordinate us in a way which protects engagement and participation at all grades and assess presentation contrary to our pre-determined standards.

Our administration ensures that good housekeeping is maintained at all the times in the company.

Our company promise to this principle will aid us to evolve an affirmative health and safety culture.

The top management of Union Fabrics (Pvt.) Limited is committed to operating safety and requires the cooperation of all its employees in endorsing this policy. All employees during the execution of any allocated task, must appreciate it is their prime responsibility to consider the safety of themselves, fellow employees and the public.

Top Management will ensure the provision of necessary training, information; supervision and resources that employees need to carry out their Occupational Health and Safety responsibilities competently.

All Managers/ Supervisors will meet their relevant responsibilities in providing and maintaining, as far as practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risk to health.

This policy is displayed on the premises.