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EnvironmentUnion Fabrics (Pvt.) Limited intends to be the best manufacturer of the textile products by assuring quality in products, service and environment aiming at customers’, stakeholders’ satisfaction by complying with regulatory and other requirements for continual improvement. Continual improvement through this environmental policy is achieved by implementing following strategies:

Regular monitoring of environmental aspects, determining their impacts and implementing environmental management program.


• Regular monitoring of aspect for operational control, and bringing them in the limits of the National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS).

• Meeting all the locally applicable legal requirements.

• Providing environmental objectives targets to all the complexes for continual improvement.

• Communicating environmental policy to all the persons understanding and achieving environmental objectives.

• Manage energy and water wisely in all operations.

• Limit waste generation, discharges and emissions and handle waste in a responsible manner, reusing and recycle material where possible and economic, to minimize the need for disposal.

• Operate in a planned and responsible manner, preventing pollution through spills and accidental discharges. The Company will maintain emergency plans.

• Make continuous efforts to minimize the environmental effects of our operations with regard to the economically viable application of the best available technology.

• Work with suppliers, customers, and contractors to promote awareness of the importance of environmental issues and the need to work in an environmentally responsible manner.

• The Company will report on environmental performance annually.

The environmental policy will be implemented by means of an environmental management plan which describes the organization, responsibilities, and arrangements in place to attain the aims of this policy. Through a program of audit we will monitor, control and set improvement targets to promote environmental protection in all activities. The Company recognizes that operating with concern for the environment is good business practice and will ensure all employees are aware of environmental issues and is trained to fulfill their responsibility. The Company will assign adequate training and resources to the implement this policy. This policy is displayed on the premises.